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                IDcode Information
                Organization/Unit IDcode : MA.860.110100.1001
                Detailed Information
                name of the organization/unit :INAC English name of the organization/unit :
                Organization/Unit Area : States and territoriesnull Organization/Unit Industry : The production and supply of water
                Organization/Unit Address : test Organization/Unit English Address :
                Other Information
                Registration Time : 2021-07-23 16:10:59 Audit Time : 2021-08-03 14:23:34

                Registration Organization: Unified Two-dimensional Code Registration Management Center

                Tel: +86-010-68207646    Fax: +86-010-68207610

                E-mail: info@idcode.org.cn

                Website Registration No.: Beijing ICP 14031552-13

                Copyright: Zhongguancun Industry&Information Research Institute of Two-dimensional Code Technology