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                About IDcode

                IDcode (Identity code) is a mechanism for unified management of the ID of different objects. It is used to perform two-dimensional code identification on any type of objects (person, thing, item) globally, namely creating the "two-dimensional code ID".

                IDcode has three core values: Identification, Interconnectivity and Security Protection.

                Identification : Each object (person, thing, item) is assigned with a globally unique and traceable identification of Two-dimensional code, that is , the Two-dimensional code ID of the “Object”.

                Interconnectivity: The mechanism of mapping and interconnection between different codes, coding systems and application systems has been developed, and the interconnection between regions, cross-platform, cross-system and cross-code system has been realized.

                Security Protection: To provide relevant departments with industrial supervision means and traceable basis, to provide enterprises with credibility information security application tools, for end users to provide a secure interactive environment for mobile internet transactions.

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                Our two-dimensional code identifier is unique on a
                global scale, which can be circulated
                around the world.

                Service Platform

                Technology Service Platform: Registration Analysis; Standard Setting; Assessment & Certification; Product Evaluation; Technology Docking; Application Market; Patent Pool; Data Service; Cloud Service

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