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                Apply for a two-dimensional code

                IDcode (Identity code), an integral part of the ISO/IEC 15459, is a mechanism for the unified management of the Identification of different objects. It is used for any type of object (person, thing, item) with an unique and traceable two-dimensional code identification at a global scale, that is, "two-dimensional code ID".

                Two-dimensional code application process as shown in the figure below:

                Apply immediately

                IDcode Global Certification

                After passed the audit conducted by two-dimensional code certification body which authorized by UTC, the enterprise can obtain the certificate with the mark of two-dimensional code certification body. Also the enterprise can be publicized on UTC Website. Meanwhile, the enterprise can use two-dimensional code with application management maturity rating marking.

                IDcode global certification process as shown in the figure below:

                Certification immediately

                Registration Organization: Unified Two-dimensional Code Registration Management Center

                Tel: +86-010-68207646    Fax: +86-010-68207610

                E-mail: info@idcode.org.cn

                Website Registration No.: Beijing ICP 14031552-13

                Copyright: Zhongguancun Industry&Information Research Institute of Two-dimensional Code Technology