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                Meat Products'identification exported from Uruguay to China will adopt IDcode

                Today the Instituto Nacional de Carnes (INAC) representing the Beef industry ofUruguay, Zhongguancun Industry and Information Research Institute of TwoDimensional Code Technology (ZIIOT) and Lam International Technology (LIT)signed the agreement to apply the UTC QR Code on individual package of Uruguaybeef sold in China. The signing took place at the SIAL exhibition in Shanghai.Witnessing the signing include Uruguay Ambassador Fernando Lugris, Mr. HuangWenyu, former Director of Supervision Bureau of Ministry of Information andTechnology (MIIT) and current Board Chairman of ZIIOT, Mr. Zhang Chao, Presidentof ZIIOT, Mr. LAM Yau Sun, Chairman of Lam International Technology, and manyother diplomatic and business leaders.

                Mr. Huang Wenyu, former Director of Supervision Bureau of MIIT and current BoardChairman of ZIIOT: “This cooperation will demonstrate the important value ofinternational standard identification codes, increase the added value andcompetitiveness of Uruguay's export products, and help Uruguay expand her exportsto China. It will become a high-quality, high-efficiency and sustainable developmentdemonstration field of China Uruguay cooperation.

                The cooperation fully reflects the importance of food safety and traceability of China.Uruguay by using these new technologies, and practices will reinforce the concept ofbuilding a good foundation for further strengthening economic and enterprisecooperation between China and Uruguay. This cooperation has made full use oftechnology, standards, products, services that will support a feasible and sustainabledevelopment path for international trade, and made positive contributions toeconomic globalization and world economic recovery.”

                “This agreement will demonstrate strong support to the food safety and traceabilityefforts of Chinese government and will provide further transparency to our Chineseconsumers about the food products they use” Mr. Zhang Chao, President of ZIIOT.

                Mr. LAM Yau Sun, Chairman of Lam International Technology stated that: “Today wesigned an agreement that will be a game changer in support of the food safetytraceability and quality of life for the Chinese consumers. Uruguay is the onlycountry in the world where every steak is traced to the cow. With the use the ZIIOTUTC QR Code platform and applying an individual QR Code on the package, we cannow trace the Uruguay beef from the farm all the way to the dining table of ourChinese consumers. This is in support of China’s policy to promote cold foodtraceability.

                If you were to ask the average Chinese consumer today what is one of the top criteriafor their selection of any food items, most will say food safety and quality. Pricing isimportant, but as part of Chinese consumers’ pursuit of Quality of Life, food safetyand quality is most important.

                I visited Uruguay personally with Ambassador Lugris and met with the industryleaders and farmers of the Uruguay Beef Industry. Their pride in the quality of theirbeef and their passion for offering the best product is indeed touching. Being the firstimport beef to individually track each package with individual UTC QR Code is astrong statement for their support to China’s focus on cold food safety andtraceability as well as their commitment to the Chinese consumers’ priority. 

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