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                Ambassador of Uruguay in China visited UTC

                Uruguay's Ambassador in China, Fernando Lugris, accompanied by Commercial Counsellor Federico Lager, visited the Unified Identification Code Registration Management Center (UTC)on December 23rd, 2020. Zhang Chao, president of Zhongguancun Industry and Information Research Institute of Two-Dimensional Code Technology (ZIIOT), Chi Jianping, vice president of the institute, Hu Jingbo, chairman of UTC and related personnel attended the meeting.

                Left: Fernando Lugris, Uruguayan Ambassador in China, Right: Zhang Chao, President of ZIIOT

                The two sides discussed and exchanged the traceability application of the unified identification code (IDcode) in the cross-board trade circulation. And witnessed the authorized contracting activities of IDcode for all Uruguayan imports to China between UTC and Lam International Technology Shanghai. On behalf of UTC signed by the President Zhang Chao, On behalf of Lam International Technology Shanghai signed by Chairman Yau Jun Lin.

                Contract signed
                Left: Zhang Chao, President of ZIIOT, Right: Yau Jun Lin, Chairman of lam international technology Shanghai

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