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                New progress of UTC Canada unified 2D code identification service platform

                On September 24, 2020, Mr. Zhang Chao, executive director of UTC global, connected with Dr. Li Huabin, executive director of UTC Canada, vice chairman and technical director of Canadian 2D code Association, listened to the recent work and discussed and exchanged views on how to carry out 2D code application business in combination with local resources.

                Based on the international standard system of IDcode, UTC Canada has established a comprehensive platform for 2D code registration and application covering people, events and items. The platform has been strictly reviewed by relevant Canadian institutions, and has been successfully included in the 2020 local government platform service procurement test catalog.

                In addition, UTC Canada is also actively conducting scientific research jointly with third parties. In 2020, a research team was established with Western University in Canada, and its joint research project has been launched andobtained the research funds provided by the local government. UTC Canada will continue to promote the development of standardization of IDcode technology and 2D code industry, and provide basic support for informatization of international trade facilitation and interconnection.

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