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                China City IDCode Public Service Platform IDcode Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform officially launched

                In order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control as well as the demand of public health emergency management in China, the IDcode Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform (users can apply for personal health code by searching "MA Code" or "MA Health Code" through WeChat) was officially launched recently, which is jointly developed by Unified Two-dimensional Code Registration Center (UTC), China Research Society of Urban Development together with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences under the framework of the Chinese Smart City encoding System, comprehensively using IDcode Identification, Hadoop and other technologies, and which is open to the public for free with service interfaces.

                The platform is based on the IDcode encoding system of “MA” complying with ISO/IEC 15459. The two-dimensional code identification provided by the platform is unique and able to achieve hierarchical management.The platform provides free two-dimensional code identification interface for third-party applications.

                At present, some cities in China have been fully online, the local epidemic prevention and control management department can be connected through the interface to realize across-city, cross-region, cross-department, and cross-system epidemic prevention and control in real time, to contain the outbreak and share the public information of personnel flow, to have full knowledge of the situation (of the community) and leave no one unchecked, truly realize one code access, and finally achieved coordinated inter-regional prevention and control.

                Nanhai District, Foshan City, China is the pilot unit for the application and promotion of the IDcode Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform, and more cities are preparing for the access now.

                Registration Organization: Unified Two-dimensional Code Registration Management Center

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