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                International Conference on UN/CEFACT e-business Standards and UN/LOCODE was held in China, IDcode identification system has attracted much attention

                International Conference on UN/CEFACT e-business Standards and UN/LOCODE sponsored by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe(UNECE)and jointly organized by China Institute of standardization (CNIS)and Xiamen municipal market supervision administration, was held in Xiamen, China, from November 25 to 28, discussion around multiple topics including Trade Facilitation Standards and Best Practices, "UN / CEFACT Standards promot to set up Cross-border e-Business Digital Corridor" and the Third Annual Closed Door Meeting of UN /LOCODE Advisory Group, Maria Ceccarelli, OiC director of economic cooperation and trade department of UNECE, Li Yubing, deputy director of the Department of standards and innovation of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Zhou Juwen, deputy director of the department of Science and Technology Development of the General Administration of Customs, Xu Guohua, director of the Xiamen Municipal Market Supervision Administration attended and delivered speeches, and Qiu Yueming, deputy director of the China National Institute for standardization(CNIS), presided over the meeting. Zhang Chao, the President of ZIIOT, co-organizer of the conference, was invited to attend the meeting.


                This meeting has attracted nearly 150 representatives from government agencies, enterprises and public institutions, colleges and universities, including more than 50 international experts from UNECE, UN/CEFACT, and more than 20 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and other countries along the "Belt and Road". At the meeting, Wu Ting, assistant to president of ZIIOT, made a keynote speech on "Unified Two-dimensional Code Identification Encoding System-IDcode Empowers International Trade Facilitation", sharing the application examples of Unified Two-dimensional Code Identification Encoding System-IDcode to effectively eliminate gray customs clearance, fight illicit trade, counterfeit and shoddy products, reduce the risk of food sources, and establish a global supply chain in international trade facilitation.

                IDcode is a code identification distribution and management system with two-dimensional code as the main carrier. IDcode, which can assign an unique and traceable digital identity to each object(people, thing, item) in international trade, help to realize the interconnectivity among different regions, different platforms, different systems and different code systems, that is, the "ID card" and "Passport" of each objects(people, thing, item) in International Trade Circulation. Based on the global unified identification encoding system combined with “blockchain” technology to solve the problem of authenticity, traceability and non-tamperability of the “international trade data link”, that is, the "Letter of Credit" of each objects(people, thing, item)in International Trade Circulation.

                Uniform standards and data interoperability are the basic conditions andrequirements of international trade facilitation. ZIIOT will continue toaccelerate the application and popularization of IDcode,a scientific encodingstructure in lines with ISO/IEC 15459, realize the interconnection of differentcountries, regions, platforms and systems, promote the high-quality andsubstainable development of international trade, and realize the optimizationand efficient allocation of global resources.

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